Pacific Media 2024

Navigating Challenges and Shaping Futures in Pacific Media Research and Practice - Suva, Fiji, 4-6 July 2024


The University of the South Pacific’s School of Pacific Arts, Communications and Education (Journalism) will host the 2024 Pacific International Media Conference, with its partners, the Pacific Island News Association (PINA) and the Asia-Pacific Media Network (APMN).

The Pacific region is witnessing unprecedented shifts and challenges in its small and micro media systems due to various forces embedded in governance and political instability; the impact of intense geostrategic competition, primarily between China and the United States; challenges associated with climate change and environmental degradation; and serious issues in the health sector. 

These trends have compounded the situation in a region that has struggled to achieve sufficient and sustained levels of development for its people’s needs.   

The news media, which has a major role in reporting these public interest issues, are themselves facing unprecedented challenges, primarily brought on by the digital disruption and the Covid-19 pandemic, on top of the usual difficulties prevalent in small and micro systems, such as low revenue base, high staff turnover and outsized government influence/pressure. 

The vulnerable Pacific media sector is reeling from the ramifications of changing audience expectations, rapidly declining revenues, and misinformation and disinformation on social media. 

Another challenge is the onset of Artificial Intelligence in both journalism education and practice.  With the Pacific media sector in the throes of possibly the most profound phase of transformation in its history, it is imperative to monitor and research these turbulences, assess them as they unfold, and chart the way forward.   

The 2024 Pacific Media Conference seeks to bring together professional practitioners, academics, policymakers, civil society organisations and others in the Pacific and beyond to engage in critical discussions on these and other topics relevant to the news media sector.  We welcome abstracts from early career and postgraduate researchers.